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Might want to check your conversion. 6mg IS NOT 6,000mcg.


Daniel says

Uh, yes it is.


Thanks Daniel, I didn’t see this until just now.

Erika, here’s the math: 1mg = 1,000mcg = 1,000µg(for physicists and chemists) Therefore, 6mg = 6,000mcg.

It is correct, but I’m glad you checked it for me, even scientists and mathematicians make mistakes, especially with brain fog!


Ian says

Yes, vegetarians suffer from decreased cognitive ability. Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Socrates were obviously all suffering from decreased mental capacity. This article is anti-vegetarian propaganda. Granted we need B-12 more than average, there are many other sources it can be obtained from. I feel sorry for anyone who allows themselves to become fearful based on this mis-information.


Brian says

First of all, vegetarianism is hardly the focus of this article. “anti-vegetarian propaganda”???

Secondly, if you are so sensitive, why are you on Chris Kresser’s website?


Katelin says

The author actually never mentions in his article that one should not be vegetarian. All he says is that if you are, then you should supplement with B12. They only thing he refuted is the myth that you can get it from plant foods. So if you have any concern get tested, as he recommends, and see if you are deficient. If you’re vegetarian and you’re not deficient then fine but if you are then supplement. How is this anti-vegetarian?


Joseph says

I have been vegan for the last three years. Seemingly, very healthy and eating all the right things. However, I have managed to become severely deficient in B12. Although veganism is not the only cause by a long shot – I know it has not helped my condition and made it much worse. I have unknowingly become more tired, weak and worn out over the last few years. I thought I had ME. Been to doctor a few times and they tested me but all came back normal and they kept telling me to take antidressants as they thought it was all symptoms of depression. I knew it wasn’t, but finally took action to get some private bloodwork done to find that my B12 level was 140! No wonder I have felt so rubbish over the last few years. Wish I had found out sooner as I thought I was going to be like this for the rest of my life. My GP for some reason decides not to test for this. I am now waiting to see how my body responds to the high dose B12 I am now taking.

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Thanks for adding all that helpful detail, Molly!

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EM! Pls do t be telling someone not to take Magnesium. So many people are deficient in it and being in healthcare. I can tell you. It is a muscle relaxer and gets rid of palpitations and cramping most athletes take it after a good sweat. In fact I take it twice a day and so does my mom who 5 years ago at 80 she diagnosed with chronic heart failure! (Likely due to excess calcium that some idiot told her to take. Magnesium glycinate (powder form for quick absorption) and K 2(Japanese natto) has totally reversed her CHF !!! Doctor was pleasantly surprised. And called it a miracle. I call it a deficiency. No one person eats the same so we don’t all need the same supplements however that one is a bigge. Studies have shown that men qith prostrate xmxer all had a Mag deficiency! So do t l ow here u got your info from!!! And last n bits are awesome and yes cows eat greens and greens have B12 gee ppl!

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Also, cobalamin should not be taken in the evening, it will keep you awake. I don’t take it after 2pm.

Magnesium relaxes muscles and helps with sleep, take it 30 min. or so before bed and see if it helps.


Hi Molley

I have heart palps and other symptoms for over one year, been supplementing magnesium, but no help, I have been thinking of potassium link, would you mind sharing how you decided to supplement with potassium? Mine blood levels are normal, but there might be some other test i can look?


Same here, I was already taking magnesium and using Celtic sea salt, but got heart palpitations anyway. I read about potassium and thought about it and decided to try it. My blood work was extremely good – but I was not well so the bloodwork was useless. If a test says you are fine and you are absolutely not fine, the test is useless, please don’t rely solely on blood tests! They are supposed to aid in diagnosis, they are not the final word. Symptoms are much more useful in determining your health issues simply because you know how you feel. [Blood work only shows what is in the blood at the precise moment in time when that blood is drawn. It does not show what is in the cells, it does not show what is in the blood before or after the blood is drawn.]

In general, people need to eat an average of 4,000mg of potassium per day. I started with 3x99mg capsules for 3 days and increased that by 2 more until it worked; holding each increase for 3 days to give it a little time.

If you read allopathic mainstream medical sites they are panick-stricken by the idea of overdose, but if you read alternative sites and orthomolecular ones in particular which have actual data, you will find that it’s not all that easy to do – especially if you need potassium. It is water soluble and does not stick around so the danger is low. The form also matters, potassium citrate and potassium gluconate are good, I use them both. In a pinch I have used potassium chloride (potassium salt!).

I take potassium with each meal and before bed. My husband only needs to take potassium once per day – we are all unique so you will have to figure this out for yourself by doing it. You will find your dose amount and you will find the times to take it by trying it out.

For me, potassium takes 15 minutes to work – it’s very fast. Best Wishes for your health!


Could there be more going on with your biochemistry that needs looking into?–nutrition.html


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